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Quality Assurance

To ensure consistent high quality & no defect products, we perform various tests at our facility to check the following criterions of hose:

  • Working Pressure of the hose with the fitting
  • Minimum burst pressure of the hose
  • Temperature Withstand
  • Hose Assembly Inspection for leakage etc before dispatch
Following tests are done to ensure optimum quality, high performance and most durable products:

1. Pressure Test
    The hose is tested at twice the pressure marked as working pressure to ensure pressure withstand.

2. Burst Pressure Test
    This test is conducted to ensure the maximum strength of the hose & the hose is tested at four times the pressure marked as working pressure.

3. Change in Length Test
    The hose length is measured before and after application of its working pressure. The change in length is calculated and is ensured this change is within the maintained standards.

4. Change in Dimension Test
    The change in the outer diameter of the hose is calculated before and after application of its working pressure. The change is ensured to be well in limits as per the maintained standards.

5. Physical Test
    All the hose couplings are tested with proper thread gauges for guaranteeing that all the specification of the hose assembly is in lines with the client's requirements.